After a successful snapshot done by Count Vlad, aLIFE has finally seen light!
A total of 43,284 aLIFE tokens were airdropped and distributed between -approximately- 340 eligible addresses. As many Vladiators might already know, aLIFE will be used for minting NFTs of the second collection and the following ones to…

VLAD.Finance partners with Celestial.Finance

Yet another piece of good news for our valiant VLADiators. Today, we’re pleased to announce VLAD Finance’s partnership with Celestial Finance!

Celestial Finance is a DeFi yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allows investors to exchange and farm their assets to earn CELES. …

Hey Vladiators!

A week sure seems like an eternity in cryptoland. There have been loads of exciting developments since our last medium article, such as:

  • Coinbase’s public listing
  • BNB’s massive upsurge
  • ETH’s Berlin hard fork
  • And the list goes on…

As our Vladevelopers keep on BUIDLing (not gonna lie, quality…

It is almost time to drop the EPIC and LEGENDARY tier of our 1st NFT collection, including the first of three works by Sushinobi. We will start the countdown shortly on our social channels for the official drop time which will be April 3rd, 2021 around 14 pm UTC

Bank of Vladhalla EPIC NFT


Vlad Pepe

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul

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