The await is over Vladiators! We are excited to announce that the new-second NFT collection is releasing! The initial drop features superb pieces from the very well known Sushinobi. These NFTs have a bonding curve similar to the one present in the Epic and Legendary tiers from the Genesis Collection. This means that there is a progressive price increase with each minting — this applies ONLY to Sushinobi’s pieces. The collection from the following artist remains as a surprise for now… but will become available after all Sushinobi’s pieces are released.

  • 50% aLIFE is locked and stored in the contract…

After a successful snapshot done by Count Vlad, aLIFE has finally seen light!
A total of 43,284 aLIFE tokens were airdropped and distributed between -approximately- 340 eligible addresses. As many Vladiators might already know, aLIFE will be used for minting NFTs of the second collection and the following ones to come, and is yielded as a farming reward. The rewards started on block #8059400

AFTERLIFE has a max supply of 2,050,000 tokens which will be distributed over three years. There’s an initial eight week period of boosted emission which will be followed by a linear schedule. …

Hello Vladiators. Your FULL attention is needed! A snapshot will randomly occur. Count Vlad acts in mysterious ways sometimes so we can’t predict when he will exactly take the snapshot… it could be in a few hours or a few days. What we can assure you is that you must hold at least 1 GENESIS NFT, since it will be the key to receive the aLIFE airdrop as well as to have access to farm aLIFE! Remember this?

Stack thy VLADs, Preserve thy LIFE

Like we announced in previous articles, aLIFE, our new token is just around the corner and…

A fresh coat of paint for Vladhalla

Vladiators assemble!

A brand new website for Vlad.Finance

“Wen V2” has been the rallying call on our telegram community since our last update on Vlad Finance’s V2 afterLIFE farming. We hear all of you loud and clear, and the team has been knee-deep in testing uphold the highest standard of security when we push V2 into production.

There’s tons of ongoing work happening behind the scenes, and the first fruit of our labor is the new Vlad.Finance website to usher the dawn (or should it be twilight?) of afterLIFE. A HUGE thanks to our designer and development team for crushing this!

In fact, some of our…

VLAD.Finance partners with Celestial.Finance

Yet another piece of good news for our valiant VLADiators. Today, we’re pleased to announce VLAD Finance’s partnership with Celestial Finance!

Celestial Finance is a DeFi yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allows investors to exchange and farm their assets to earn CELES. The CELES project aims to differentiate itself from other yield farming platforms by introducing predictions market and NFT features.


LIFE-CELES Farming Pools

Bringing yet more utility to our LIFE tokens, we’re delighted to share that LIFE holders will soon have the option to earn CELES by staking LIFE-CELES LP tokens! (Take note! Please stake v2 Pancakeswap LPs!)

Howdy Vladiators!

Take a deep breath before you start reading… because this update IS GONNA BE HUGEEE.

We’re sure many of you have tuned in to DeFi Vlad’s AMA with DeFiTrader held in the DeFiTrading Telegram group. If you managed to read between the lines, the Count himself dropped a few juicy hints related to v2 farming.

In this article, we will provide you all the information needed to prepare for v2 afterLIFE farming.

There will be an initial max supply of 2,050,000 ALIFE tokens distributed over three years.

The majority of the ALIFE emissions will be farmed, along with…

VLAD.Finance partners with STOS.Finance

STOS.Finance is a project which aims to bring real life NFTs to a yacht party. How? Basically STOS are the entry-ticket to the party. In fact they will host the Vladhalla Halloween party on October 31! Location to be announced.
It will be a BSC DeFi party like no other. Meet DeFi Vlad and other BSC devs, whales and other prominent BSC personalities. Be sure to check their website at

The partnership brings users the possibility to stake LP tokens and earn STOS in the following pools:


5% of the total STOS supply — 5000 STOS…

Hey Vladiators!

A week sure seems like an eternity in cryptoland. There have been loads of exciting developments since our last medium article, such as:

  • Coinbase’s public listing
  • BNB’s massive upsurge
  • ETH’s Berlin hard fork
  • And the list goes on…

As our Vladevelopers keep on BUIDLing (not gonna lie, quality code means we set aside precious time and resources to stress-test what we’ve built), we wanted to keep you updated on the latest buzz within our community.

As we’ve shared previously, we’re working on an entirely new ecosystem build on AFTERLIFE. …

Vladiators! Farming of LIFE has ended with this transaction on block
and all 414,093 LIFE have been minted. We have also burned a significant amount of LIFE overall. A mind numbing 153,000 LIFE have been burned to mint our incredible Genesis NFTs. LIFE farming aside, since the launch of VLAD we have pulled off some amazing feats as a community run project. Let’s cover some of the highlights:

  • 1 million USD market cap within just a few days of launch with no marketing
  • LIFE farming launch with 1 million Total Locked Value (TVL) in first hour
  • Amazing artists collaborated

It is almost time to drop the EPIC and LEGENDARY tier of our 1st NFT collection, including the first of three works by Sushinobi. We will start the countdown shortly on our social channels for the official drop time which will be April 3rd, 2021 around 14 pm UTC

Bank of Vladhalla EPIC NFT

The first to drop will the EPIC tier. There will be 3 NFTs with a very limited supply of 66 NFTs each, for a total of 198 NFTs.

The EPIC NFTs will drop one by one with a few minutes gap in between. …

Vlad Pepe

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul

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