Introducing the artists behind Vlad.Finance

It is very exciting to see that our realized art is now being minted by the community.

Vladhalla and the Vlad Pepes Drakul memes world have been embraced by the community right away since start, which helped the project gain momentum almost immediately. The same can’t be said on the business side of things. It wasn’t easy to get the first artists on board. All of our admins can tell you how many messages went unanswered when you tell them we are an NFT protocol based on Drakul who happens to be a Pepe frog at the same time. Not everyone wants to take your seriously. However our community came through for us time after time. We received countless DMs with contacts for artists from all walks of life. In fact we now have several leftover pieces that haven’t made the first collection and they are all fantastic. We hope to share them with you all in the near the future. “When bonus collection?”

Now let’s meet the amazing artists who delivered the stellar works of collection 1.


Immortality by Sushinobi

Edward otherwise known as Sushinobi is an established and well known artist in the NFT space. His works have been sold out in minutes on Rarible, Opensea, and WAIFU.

We managed to get Sushinobi fairly early on but he was super busy with other projects and his works were not expected until the 2nd collection . However due to our delays and his desire to get involved we were able to collaborate on 3 pieces together. These are the first and only pieces he has done on the Binance Chain and we are thrilled he chose to launch them with us.

His Pieces:
Gates of Vladhalla — 66 available, Epic tier
Immortality — 6 available, Legendary tier
The Vlad Father — 6 available, Legendary tier

Vlad Pepes Drakul


Michelangelo Girardi or more prosaically Mic spent his formative years working as a 3D generalist and motion designer in Verona, Italy. Now firmly established in the UK he works alongside advertising agencies and broadcasters by adding a distinctive Italian style to every production on projects for BBC, Muller Yoghurt, Johnsons and Johnsons to name just a few.

His Pieces:
Vlad Pepes Drakul — 2222 available, Base tier
Count Pepes Chocula — 2222 available, Base tier
Pepes in Stone — 2222 available, Base tier
Painted Pepe — 666 available, Rare tier
All Hail VLAD — 666 available, Rare tier
Bank of Vladhalla — 66 available, Epic tier
Silver Pepes — 66 available, Epic tier
Golden Pepes — 6 available, Legendary tier


The path to Vladhalla

The first artist that came to us was Morlux, a lovely and talented young lady. She first submitted some fan art when she joined our community and we quickly brought her on to do some custom pieces for us. While not all her art is featured in this collection we are excited to feature her Path to Vladhalla piece. We will see more of her work in later collections. By commissioning this piece we were able to help this artist get new tools for future digital works.

Her Pieces:
The path to Vladhalla — 666 available, Rare tier

Other artists

There were several other artists that contributed works that are not being used in this collection, but we will be sure to credit and include them in upcoming collections. Their art was as amazing as all of the others but we needed to trim this collection to make all the logistics work. Stay tuned since more artists are coming to Vlad.Finance

Lastly… the contracts

NFT Farm: 0x08d2cBc5EFd1B56034F4628bB32e947C0d86BbB1
NFT: 0x3F7C7C24fFA2ceFfaACE11B39D5b8a575A4B0674

Happy minting!

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul

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