NEW VLAD.FINANCE Parntership & AMA at DeFi Trading

VLAD.Finance partners with STOS.Finance

STOS.Finance is a project which aims to bring real life NFTs to a yacht party. How? Basically STOS are the entry-ticket to the party. In fact they will host the Vladhalla Halloween party on October 31! Location to be announced.
It will be a BSC DeFi party like no other. Meet DeFi Vlad and other BSC devs, whales and other prominent BSC personalities. Be sure to check their website at

AMA with DeFi Trading

On the 23rd of April DeFi-Vlad, the Count himself, had an AMA at DeFi Trading. Below is the full transcription of it. Want to know more about the future plans and all the exciting stuff that will be going on? Give it a full read through it’s really worth it!

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul