Surprise Snapshot - aLIFE recap & Artists of new collection

Hello Vladiators. Your FULL attention is needed! A snapshot will randomly occur. Count Vlad acts in mysterious ways sometimes so we can’t predict when he will exactly take the snapshot… it could be in a few hours or a few days. What we can assure you is that you must hold at least 1 GENESIS NFT, since it will be the key to receive the aLIFE airdrop as well as to have access to farm aLIFE! Remember this?

Stack thy VLADs, Preserve thy LIFE

aLIFE is imminent

Like we announced in previous articles, aLIFE, our new token is just around the corner and it comes packed with new exciting stuff. Below some brief details about it:

Which artists will be participating on this second collection?

The new collection will feature artists that are well known in Vlad.Finance which have created amazing NFTs for the GENESIS collection. These are Morlux, Sushinobi and Michelangelo Girardi. However there are also new faces joining our lines…

Some Loosies by PROBCAUSE (not part of our new collection)
Little Nightmares by Kwikfyx (not part of our new collection)
Enslaved Vengeance by Polhudo (not part of our new collection)

Airdrop details

It’s important to clarify how will the snapshot work. So as mentioned at the start of the article, having at least 1 GENESIS NFT makes you eligible for the aLIFE airdrop and grants you access to aLIFE farming.
The following table shows the airdrop allocations for each Genesis NFT in your possession:

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul

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