The EPIC and LEGENDARY NFTs are coming!

It is almost time to drop the EPIC and LEGENDARY tier of our 1st NFT collection, including the first of three works by Sushinobi. We will start the countdown shortly on our social channels for the official drop time which will be April 3rd, 2021 around 14 pm UTC

Bank of Vladhalla EPIC NFT

The first to drop will the EPIC tier. There will be 3 NFTs with a very limited supply of 66 NFTs each, for a total of 198 NFTs.

The EPIC NFTs will drop one by one with a few minutes gap in between.
The LEGENDARY tier will drop Sunday April 4th at 14 pm UTC.

Before we get to the art let’s talk about the mechanics of how it will work.

Introducing the bonding curve

What is a bonding curve? In short, the basis of the bonding curve is the idea that when a person purchases an asset that is available in a limited quantity, NFTs in this case, then each subsequent buyer will have to pay slightly more for it. The reason for this increase is that the number of available asset units decreases with each one that is acquired.

— Bonding Curve on Legendary tier. As more NFT are minted, the LIFE cost increases —

The EPIC tier NFTs will be the first to feature the bonding curve. The first EPIC of each NFT will sell for 350 LIFE and the price will slightly increase from that sale forward by 1.6%. This means that the second EPIC will cost 355.70 LIFE, the third one 361.49 LIFE and so on, until the last EPIC piece is minted for 1000 LIFE. The earlier you mint, the lower the cost in LIFE to claim.

The LEGENDARY tier will feature a more aggressive bonding curve of 38% for each sale. The first LEGENDARY of each NFT will sell for 1200 LIFE and the price will increase from that sale forward by ~38%. The second LEGENDARY will cost 1655,68 LIFE and the third 2284,38 LIFE and so on until the last LEGENDARY piece is minted for 6000 LIFE. Again the earlier you mint the lower the cost in LIFE it will represent.

The Art Work

The three pieces in EPIC collection are:

1st Drop — Silver Pepes Drakul. One of the most stylish renditions of our lovable Pepes. Art by Girmik

2nd Drop — Bank of Vladhalla. The card that keeps on printing for all Vladiators. Art by Girmik

3rd Drop — Gates of Vladhalla. The first piece by renowned NFT artist Sushinobi.

The three pieces in LEGENDARY collection are:

1st Drop — Gold Pepes Drakul. One of the most sought after rendition of Pepes Drakul. Art by Girmik

2nd Drop — Immortality. Another Sushinobi piece and the first to feature the LIFE logo.

3rd Drop — The Vladfather. The final piece by Sushonobi featuring the coolest depiction on Vlad to come to fruition!


Owners of any of the genesis NFTs will be able to gain an advantage in the next farming round to be announced in the upcoming weeks along with our full expanded roadmap.

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul