Vlad.Finance future plans update

VLAD.Finance will be rebranding to AfterLife.Finance

Vlad Finance started with an insane amount of energy and passion. Those of us in the team and in the community would readily admit that we have taken a big hit to our momentum overall. We started as a small team with big ideas on a shoestring budget in both time and funds, however we did achieve milestones. Great artists agreed to make NFTs for the project, each with their own characteristic style, also the echoes of moon and $VLAD’s ATH still rings out in our heads. We had a dynamic token system, amazing artists and a vault of art we were excited to unveil. Just like that we got the king of all gut punches in the form of COVID. Within a very short period of time our DEV team was out of commission and would be de-railed for months since it took them a while to recover. While we definitely could not have foreseen this, we absolutely could have been more transparent and have addressed these issues with our loyal community — for that we are sorry. In a selfish way we kept thinking to take a week off or 2, focus on other endeavours and come back later when the dev team would have been recovered and ready…

Moving shop to a new Chain

We have chosen to set up our shiny new marketplace in an ecosystem we feel better aligns our current ideals and future goals. We are very excited to announce that this new home will be on the Fantom Blockchain

What will happen to the tokens?

VLAD — Remains as the core token without the reflective feature — will be used for farming

Does it mean this is lights out for Binance Smart Chain?

Not necessarily — or at least not immediately. We encourage migrating with us to the Fantom network. We will not be shutting the lights off and just leaving but we are saying “get ready”, because for growth to happen we need to make a move and hopefully you will be joining us.

Key Questions that you might have

1) “What functionalities remain on BSC?”

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul