Vlad Phase 2: Life after LIFE…farming.

Vladiators! Farming of LIFE has ended with this transaction on block
and all 414,093 LIFE have been minted. We have also burned a significant amount of LIFE overall. A mind numbing 153,000 LIFE have been burned to mint our incredible Genesis NFTs. LIFE farming aside, since the launch of VLAD we have pulled off some amazing feats as a community run project. Let’s cover some of the highlights:

Some top milestones:

All in a crazy action packed month and a half that started on Feb 19th, 2021.

NFT Minting

We started minting last week and to date have minted 815 NFTs which in turn have burned 153,000 LIFE. This includes a sell out of all 18 Legendary pieces in 1 freaking hour!!! If that wasn’t enough, the final 3 Legendaries were minted for 6000 LIFE each.

We are incredibly thankful to have this wonderful level of support from the community, the artist outreach has been phenomenal too. We can’t wait to share the next artists with you


Welcome to the afterLIFE

Many of you have asked now that LIFE farming is over, what am I going to do with the rest of my LIFE, VLAD and all the NFTs?

We are working on a whole new ecosystem that will be built around a brand new token, which we have so far codenamed AFTERLIFE. However, we are not sure that will be the final name. We are carefully considering a name that will help the branding achieve our desired goals. The coin to be named will be the permanent longterm token of the Vlad NFT protocol, used for all sales in the upcoming artist launch pad.

How can you get AFTERLIFE?

AFTERLIFE will be launched using farming pools with the following configurations:

Note: There will be no single asset VLAD pool. However, don’t be sad, we will shortly announce something even bigger for the launch.

Details on the tokenomics will be released in a future medium article as we are still fine-tuning all the multipliers to make sure the project has a long term sustainable model to work from. You will be required to have one of the Vlad Genesis NFTs in order to gain access to the AFTERLIFE pools. More on that down below. The main use of AFTERLIFE will be for our upcoming artist launch pad. AFTERLIFE will be be an inflationary token that users will always be able to farm and will be required to participate in the NFT platform.


The only way to access the new farms will be to own at least one VLAD Genesis NFT.

This will make AFTERLIFE an exclusive farm for Vlad supporters.

All NFT holders will also be eligible for the early airdrop of AFTERLIFE. The airdrop will be tier based also and snapshot will be taken unannounced before the release of the full platform.

The details will be released in an upcoming medium article.

Artist Launchpad

We are now working with Sushinobi and other new and exciting artists on the next collections for Vlad.Finance. These pieces will move away from the Vlad Drakul meme and will be outside of the Vladhalla universe .

While we will always treasure Pepes and will remain as our mascot, as we move forward with the platform we will expand the type of art you see on Vlad.Finance to include a wider range of topics and styles.

We are working with amazing high-end artists to create unique art that stays on the dark themes that would inspire the Count himself, unique art that will continue to be focused on the dark, macabre, mystical, fantasy, sci-fi and gothic art worthy of the halls of Vladhalla itself.

The launchpad will carry over some old NFT mechanics and introduce some new ones. Launchpad artists minting will use the following mechanics:

Yup! You just read that correctly… all VLAD holders will earn a portion of each NFT sale JUST for holding VLAD.


The final phase of AFTERLIFE will be our marketplace where all the NFTs on our platform can be traded right after minting. Next week all VLAD NFTs will be tradeable on our partners Friction.Finance marketplace. Soon after that we will be able to trade on Juggernaugt and other marketplaces. In the long run however, we should have a marketplace of our own.

This is a very exciting time for our platform and we can’t wait to share the time frame for it’s development. We will announce the “AFTERLIFE” name and tokenomics as soon as we can, along with the new farms. Meanwhile you can enjoy trading your NFTs on Friction Finance and get ready for the next phase of our journey to VLADHALLA! It’s coming sooner than you think!

Yours truly Count Vlad Pepe Drakul