Weekly Update #2 Part 1

Hello Vladiators

Another whirlwind week has passed on our Journey to VLADHALLA. The community support has been tremendous. We have put a lot of thought into where to take VLAD from here. Ultimately we decided to take inspiration from the token that had the same humble beginnings, the $MEME ecosystem. Much like $VLAD was born a meme, so was $MEME. They were able to take that devoted community and turn it into the premier art house of the ethereum NFT world. Their collections sell out instantly. We will aim to be our own premium NFT arthouse on the Binance Chain. We were inspired by their tokenomics but felt we could improve the system when they pioneered NFT minting.

VLAD will bring you LIFE

I have been leaking this for some time in the group for those that were able to get the meaning. Our farming token will be called $LIFE. You will be able to stake $VLAD and $VLAD-LP to earn $LIFE. However much like Drakul took life from others so will we. You must sacrifice and burn LIFE to mint our exclusive NFTs. Full tokenomics will be released in a future article outlining the full $LIFE platform. $LIFE will be a tradable token itself and will be used alongside BNB and BUSD in our upcoming NFT Marketplace.

MEME Contest.

Yesterday we announced the winners of our meme contest who took home a prize of 500 VLAD. I wanted to touch on why I chose the top 3 the way I did.

The winner: It was a unique and original piece that took time to make and got our message across. The creator was one of the first to submit it and understood the fun aspect of VLAD right away.

2nd place: Everyone we showed the meme to just laughed hard as could be. Great creativity. Mario popping Vlad coin and turning into a lambo. That’s as meme as it gets.

3rd place: This one touched the whole team on a personal level. The time and effort someone took to draw such a big piece and then edit the how to video. Truly amazing!

Honorable mentions:

The sticker pack creators, we are using your stickers in the group everyday. Thank you!

The Vladiators — What an amazing term for our collective group.

The Spartans meme creator — one of the most popular vlad memes

Farming Update

Our farming contracts are nearly ready. We are reviewing tokenomics to make sure that it is not a farm and dump scheme that burns out in a few days. I can point to many examples where investors have been REKT by hyper inflation farming. We want to make sure VLAD continues to hold value over the long term. VLAD is eternal after all. Deployment of farming depends on completion of NFT art. We are eagerly awaiting our genesis collection. We may look at starting farming early to give you a heads start. We are still discussing internally.


With new utility and direction we need a new website. Our team is working hard on releasing a new website this week that is more inline with our vision and the future of Vlad.Finance .

NFT Artist Update

We have confirmed numerous artists that will work with VLAD on our signature series. Art takes time and we have to wait until the art is ready before we can deploy the contracts for farming. I promise it will be worth it. I will post sneak peeks as soon as the artists allow me to do so.

That’s it for this week.Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for the full report on $LIFE and NFT farming coming soon!

Defi Vlad